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Working Capital Loan

Improve Cash Flow Now

Does your business lack the cash flow to take advantage of short-term opportunities or weather short-term challenges? Turned down by your primary bank for business loan? A working capital loan can help you to keep everyday business operations running smoothly or to gear up for the upcoming busy season. You can get the funds needed without going through the tedious, slow bank process nor paying the high fees of a merchant cash advance.

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Use Funds from a Working Capital Loan for Any Business Purpose

A working capital loan is typically offered for a short-term period (typically from 1 to 3 years) that gives a business more flexibility and control with their cash flow levels. Often, this kind of loan can be unsecured without the need for any kind of collateral. A business may use the funds for one of many legitimate commercial purposes:

  • purchase inventory

  • purchase equipment/machines

  • marketing/advertising campaigns

  • renovation/location refresh

  • franchise obligations

  • deal with slow periods/seasonal changes

  • pay off expensive debt (e.g. merchant cash advance)

Perhaps your business does not need all of the funding now but would like consistent access to it down the road? Then consider an unsecured business line of credit that gets you approved for total funding now but allows you to partially draw the funds as needed for liquidity purposes over months or years. That means no interest on unused funds until they are actually accessed.

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The Many Benefits of a Working Capital Loan

This kind of commercial loan is known for the speed and convenience for the business owner that has a healthy company but needs more financial muscle and guaranteed liquidity at certain key times:

  • fast approval and funding in as little as 24 hours from application

  • amounts as small as $5K and as large as $2M

  • terms from 6 months to 3 years (and a refinance is usually possible halfway into the loan)

  • often no need for collateral on the loan (i.e. it is unsecured)

  • light application paperwork requirements without app fees

  • payments that can be fully amortizing, or to keep monthly payments lower, interest only or partial principal paid for some of the loan period

  • these are bank-compliant bank loans (unlike s merchant cash advance)

Contact us today to get started with a customized working capital loan solution for your business. Consultations and quotes are always free. Businesses in most kinds of industries are eligible.

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