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How would you like to turn your building into a grid-optional, utility bill-free, green energy-powered, tax credit/incentive-paid MASTERPIECE?

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Reduce (or Eliminate) Your Electricity Bills by Stacking Efficiencies on Renewable Technologies

Stop worrying about rising energy costs. Our technology solutions partners can help you develop a synchronized renewable energy plan for your commercial building. You can produce over 100% (or even more) of your power needs on-site, on-demand, and with redundant backups.

Produce green energy that powers all of the building's needs (and maybe even more than that)

Say goodbye to:

Fast rising energy costs

Crazy demand charges

Blackouts & Brownouts

Dependence on the grid

Out-of-synch newer systems

Obsolete energy technologies


Implement renewable systems and technologies that are future-ready today

Why Explore Green Energy Building Technology Upgrades?

  • Cut Energy Costs - Say goodbye to expensive energy bills and hello to increased profit margins. With our efficient energy solutions, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption and save on costs.
  • Boost Property Value - Increase the value of your commercial properties by making them more sustainable and energy efficient, attracting eco-conscious buyers and tenants.
  • Stay Ahead of Regulations - With increasing government regulations around sustainability and energy efficiency, our services ensure that your buildings are always compliant, giving you peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions about green energy

What is this alternative solution all about?

It's a coordinated system for commercial property owners which keeps all their energy on-site, and stores it with redundant backups. The business owner will never be dependent on the grid again, as the solution should produce 100%+ of the energy needs for the property.

Is this just about a solar installation?

No, the entire set of energy costs on a commercial property are considered, not just solar. The program rests on the concept of "stacking efficiencies" across different sources and uses of energy: HVAC, Roofing, Insulation, Lighting, Windows, Water, Solar, Equipment, etc

Why is this valuable?

The property owner will no longer be subject to rising energy costs out of his/her control and have relaible power on-site. The business will generate enough energy to eliminate utility costs via an outright purchase of equipment, or fix the payment through a utility agreement (equipment lease) for 15, 20, or 30 years.

This sounds expensive - how can I pay for all of it?

First, there is a wide variety of federal and state tax incentives (credits/rebates) to promote the installation of such "green energy" systems technologies. Second, there are additional performance incentives that can contribute to the funding of the project. In summary, it is common to have 70-90% of the project cost covered by the above. There are financing programs to cover any shortfall. A typical ROI is 5-10 years, after which the major energy savings continue.

Would I still have access to the normal utility/energy supplier?

Yes, it remains as a 3rd option (after normal and backup/storage) but normally that supply will not be needed and only a minimal connection fee is normally charged.

How long is the project design and implementation?

The typical project will take 9-12 months for full implementation.

How long does it take for the incentives to be paid to the property owner?

Some incentives are paid as soon as the project is completed, while others come back during the next tax cycle. Some many come back in the form of depreciation/tax savings over multiple years.

What is the minimum building size that will make sense for this?

There is no minimum building size, but the minimum is more about the amount of monthly utility spend. That minimum on a single property is generally $5,000 per month in total energy spend.

What is needed to get started?

Please fill out the form above to schedule an initial consultation and Q&A session. We only need your complete last 12 months' utility bills/statements (water/gas/power) to get started on project analysis and proposal.

What if I know commercial property owners who might be interested in this program?

Please contact us for information on our green energy referral program by submitting the form at the top or the bottom of the page.

With govenment incentives, as well as financial performance incentives, commercial property owners can get 70-90% of the total project paid by "stacking efficiencies" such as:

-25 - 50%


-50 - 100%


-5 - 15%


-5 - 30%


How to get started

Next steps

  • Fill out the contact form above or below to get scheduled with a Solutions Director in the next few days
  • Spend 15-30 minutes on a high-level overview of the solution and get your questions answered
  • If a potential fit, submit your last 12 months water, gas, and power utility statements so a proper quote can be prepared
  • A second meeting will be scheduled to review the quote and overall project proposal

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Your privacy is respected - no nonsense.