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Frequently Asked Questions


What is “alternative financing” for businesses and commercial real estate projects?

Traditional bank financing is typically available only to the most established and healthy businesses. However, there are many successful businesses that get declined for bank funding for a variety of reasons. Also, some businesses qualify for bank financing but they prefer a less bureaucratic and faster method of financing in the alternative lending (non-bank) space. There are billions of dollars in capital ready to be deployed into solid businesses in the world of alternative financing.

What services does Kirksley Commercial Finance offer for businesses who may want to pursue non-bank financing?

Kirksley will serve as your trusted advisor and consultant to:

  • Understand your business financial situation (many years of business and financial analysis experience) and identify where specific funding may help your business

  • Match your funding needs up with the correct lender across a complex variety of hard-to-find lenders with different programs, requirements, and funding parameters (a business owner will spend hundreds of hours trying to navigate this space on his or her own)

  • Get you through the process in an expedited manner by knowing what is needed and when

  • Help you avoid making mistakes in terms of funding (overleverage, too long or too short a term, unnecessarily high interest rate or loan fees, etc).

Pretty much anything:

  • Fix and flip (short-term loan to buy and improve a property, then resell it for a profit. No experience necessary.

  • Rental properties (buy and hold a single 1-4 unit property or a portfolio of such properties to generate rental income)

  • Multi-family (buy and hold properties of 5+ units to generate rental income)

  • New construction (ground up development and/or tear down an existing structure to build a better one)

  • Energy efficient enhancements/retrofit for tax credit (C-PACE)

  • Commercial property refinance/cash-out from equity (CMBS Conduit)

What kind of business equipment can be funded?

Pretty much anything:

  • Restaurant

  • Transportation/Trucking

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology

  • Medical

  • Warehouse/Distribution

  • Software/IT

Kirksley can work on equipment deals of all types and cost sizes. We can definitely help new or younger companies as they seek funds to grow a business via equipment financing, which is quite often something a traditional bank would not consider funding. Furthermore, compared to a very slow bank approval process, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how fast you can get equipment funding after your initial application.

Do you charge upfront fees to work with clients?

No, we offer free and unlimited no-obligation consultations. No tricks, no nonsense. We are here to understand your business needs and to provide helpful solutions to your financing concerns. Kirksley is only paid on successful completion of a financing deal (via loan funding).

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