6 reasons this is the perfect revolving line of credit for your business

Maybe you're here because your small business has cash flow challenges. Or maybe you're looking for a reliable and flexible source of financing to help your business grow without roadblocks. Get to know this revolving line of credit that allows you to access capital at a moment's notice.

1. Line of credit approvals up to $1,000,000

Secure a healthy max amount of credit, but take only what you need and when you need it. Pay only for what you use, not the full amount of the line of credit. Start with as little as $5000.

2. Max amortizing term up to 36 months

A longer term means lower periodic payments and better, more predictable cash flow for your business

3. A revolving period up to 52 weeks

Pay down or borrow additional funds during the revolving period - unlimited principal paydowns or line of credit draws of $5000 or more. Convenience and flexibility for your business.

4. Pay it off anytime

You're in control the whole way through - pay off your entire balance, or make partial principle paydowns, without prepayment penalties or maintenance fees

5. Use it for a variety of business needs

Opportunities or issues can arise quickly - use your line of credit for inventory, expansion, working capital, marketing, taxes, debt consolidation, equipment, renovations, etc

6. Qualify with ease

For businesses in dozens of approved industries, you will just need a certain time in business, minimum monthly revenue, and minimum credit score