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Equipment Finance for New/Startup Businesses

Problem: you have a newer/startup business and need some money to get it off the ground, but no bank will lend you money with less than two years' time in business. Solution: leverage your new business venture with small-scale equipment financing. This is SECURED financing and it is available more readily to entrepreneurs than unsecured financing for their new/startup business.

Equipment funding amounts for a new business venture can start as low as $500 and go up to around $50,000 (depending on the personal credit of the business owner). While this is not normally enough capital for equipment-intensive industries such as construction, manufacturing, and heavy transportation, it can be quite appropriate and sufficient for some business types that have relatively light equipment requirements to get going such as:

  • Fitness/Gym Equipment

  • HVAC Equipment

  • Landscaping/Snow Removal

  • Music/DJ Equipment

  • Office Equipment/Furniture

  • Pet Care/Grooming

  • Photo & Video Equipment

  • Restaurant Equipment

  • Salon Equipment

  • Signage/Graphics

  • Vending

Financing the equipment you need for launch operations could conceivably cover 75-90% of your startup capital requirements, allowing you to invest your cash into other areas to grow the business. Please contact us if this might fit your needs. This money could be available in just a few days for your business launch and growth.

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