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May 2022 - Recently Closed Deal #1 - Purchase & Rehab

At Kirksley Commercial Financing, we can help real estate investors get financing for their fix and flip (or fix and hold) rehab projects on residential real estate (1-4 units).

Here is a recently closed deal:

  • Type: single-family residence (built 1987, 2291 ft3)

  • Purchase price $123,500

  • Rehab $29,300

  • After-repair value (ARV) $265,000

  • Estimated future profit $105,000

This investor is experienced (3+ properties rehabbed or owned last 3 years) and so qualified for 90% LTV on the purchase. This means financing of $111,150 on the purchase (only $12,350 down) and all of the $29,300 rehab cost. The repair should take 3 months.

The estimated profit of $105,000 is about a 900% return on the borrower's cash

investment in only a few months.

You can potentially do the same! Let us help you get your purchase and rehab project financed with great terms, low fees, closing in less than 30 days, and great customer service..

Contact us today to get started.

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