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Supply Chain Finance 101 - Funding Growth Opportunities in Import/Manufacturing

Problem: you make a product with strong demand (from one or more very strong corporate or government buyers with firm purchase orders) but need capital to actually make the product (e.g. order component inputs for the production) to meet the demand. You have to wait months to get paid for the finished product before you can order more components for further production. You can't achieve the full growth potential of your business due to these working capital constraints.

Solution: use the strength of your buyer(s) and their purchase orders for the end product to finance the purchase of inputs directly from suppliers. Become a preferred "cash buyer" (i.e. immediate payment) to in the eyes of your suppliers (domestic or overseas). A revolving trade facility is arranged to efficiently manage transactions on both sides of this process. Capture your growth opportunities now.

We are looking for a few US/CA companies in growth mode that need working capital to order components/inputs to better fulfill strong demand of their finished goods. Let's work together to set up a trade finance solution for your growing business. Please contact us today to learn more and get started with an introductory consultation about possible solutions to fund the growth of your company with supply chain finance.

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