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Think your startup business can't get money for the equipment you need? Think again.

Equipment Leasing for Startups

At Kirksley Commercial Finance, we can work with all sizes and types of businesses for their equipment financing needs. One type of business is close to our heart and that is the entrepreneurial startup that has passion and motivation behind it but probably not a lot of capital. We make special effort to help small businesses get off to the start they need to succeed. That means we can get you lease financing for commercial equipment with a cost of as little as $500 (and far above that if needed) and for terms as short as 14 months so that you can get the equipment investment rapidly completed.

First, some common forms of commercial lease structures:

  1. Fair Market Value (FMV) - offering the lowest payments, options on the equipment at end of term are: a) return it, b) purchase at a specified amount (e.g. 10% of original cost) or c) renew the lease on a monthly basis

  2. Lease to Own - own the equipment following the receipt of all scheduled payments

Next, business in some industries typically are on the smaller lightly capitalized side (as compared to companies needing heavy equipment, heavy-duty motorized vehicles, or expensive machinery) and therefore are common for a startup entrepreneur who may need to lease equipment for the new business when capital may be scarce:

  • Fitness/Gym Equipment

  • HVAC Equipment

  • Landscaping/Snow Removal

  • Music/DJ Equipment

  • Office Equipment/Furniture

  • Pet Care/Grooming

  • Photo & Video Equipment

  • Restaurant Equipment

  • Salon Equipment

  • Signage/Graphics

  • Vending

Finally, a complete range of credit scores can be accommodated for the aspiring entrepreneur. Here are some guidelines for startup business (less than 2 years' time in business) (note: the below is for illustrative guidance and is not a commitment for any application):

FICO score

Minimum Funding

Maximum Funding
















Finally, there is no cost to apply, the credit decision is very rapid after the application submission, and, if approved, the funding is typically available in just a few business days at most.

We hope that you will succeed in your new business. Contact us today for a free consultation where you can learn more about these commercial equipment leasing options for your company. If you would like to get started immediately with an application through our financing partner, you can do so via the Apply Now button below:

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