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Are you aware of the Cost Segregation tax planning strategy to accelerate depreciation and improve cash flow?

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We can provide a comprehensive, compliant Cost Segregation Study to evaluate your overall tax strategy for your commercial and/or residential properties - and find opportunities to save you money

Essential for real estate investors and business owners who own their building

Cost Segregation accelerates depreciation on certain property components - bringing reduced taxes and increased cash flow

  • Reduce Your Taxes - Stop overpaying on your property taxes and maximize your savings by taking advantage of our cost segregation studies. Let us handle the technicalities and save you time and money.
  • Increase Your ROI - With our thorough analysis of your real estate property, we can identify areas that may qualify for accelerated depreciation, ultimately increasing your return on investment.
  • Expertise You Can Trust - Our team of tax professionals have years of experience in cost segregation studies for commercial real estate properties. We'll provide you with accurate and reliable information to help you make informed decisions and stay compliant in your business.


Determine Feasibilty

Analysis to determine if your investment property qualifies

Information Gathering

Key documents (e.g. appraisal and inspection docs) needed

Conduct the Study

Onsite visit and review of key docs to sort depreciation types

Report Completion

Final determination of how much tax savings may be available

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost Segregation

What exactly is a Cost Segregation Study (CSS)?

It's a professionally performed analysis of your building and its subcomponents (different systems) that deteriorate over time. A specific lifespan is assigned to these different building components, such lifespans thus having a shorter depreciation schedule compared to the building as a whole (i.e. 27.5 or 39 years). This results in an acceleration of the overall depreciation, providing higher short-term deductions and tax savings in the immediate timeframe.

How much does a typical CSS cost?

Typically it takes $3,000-$15,000 to perform a cost segregation study, depending on the size and nature of the building - but it should be more than worth it due to the potential to save much more than that in taxes in the short-term.

When is the right time to perform a CSS?

The sooner it is done, the sooner the depreciation can be accelerated on the basis of the CSS analysis and conclusions. If rehab investment is planned on the building, it is strongly recommended to perform the CSS before the improvements are done.

Does a CSS increase the risk of an IRS audit?

Perhaps, although with a professionally performed CSS, you will possess the documentation needed to support your tax filings and claims for accelerated depreciation. It is important to use experienced engineers and accountants who are qualified experts with such studies. It is not advised to do it on your own without professional assistance.

How do I know if my building qualifies for a CSS?

If you (or your corporation, partnership, trust) own real estate purchased or built within the last 15 years, you can benefit from a CSS. Both residential and non-residential commercial properties are in scope for such a study.

How long does a CSS normally take?

It depends on the type and size of the property you own, as well as how quickly you can provided important paperwork and documentation to be reviewed. You can expect a CSS to normally take 30-60 days.

Is doing a CSS worth it?

While a Cost Segregation Study does take significant time and money, it is typically a smart financial move. It is common to save many times more in taxes due to accelerated depreciation than the cost of the study.

Cost Segregation work is complex and needs to be done correctly the entire way - and may have significant tax implications. It's important to work with an experienced CSS expert for this activity.

How to get started

Next steps

  • Fill out the contact form above or below to get scheduled with a Cost Segregation Study expert
  • Spend 15-30 minutes with the expert on a high-level overview of the solution and to discover if you qualify for a study
  • If a potential fit, start the process for an on-site study to evaluate your properties for potential tax savings, ultimately yielding a full written report


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