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Would you like to take advantage of your existing retirement savings to buy or fund your own business? Take control of your future with a ROBS solution...

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Roll Over as Business Startup (ROBS): an alternative option to generating retirement wealth (i.e. under your direct control, not the mercy of the market)

If you are interested in taking an active role in managing your own business, rather than passively watching (and paying) others to manage your precious retirement funds, you may be a good candidate for a Roll Over as Business Startup solution to buy an existing business or start a new business.

ROBS are the only legal method for a person to user retirement funds to finance a business of his/her own

What is the Benefit of a Roll Over as Business Startup (ROBS)?

  • Unleash Your Dreams - Make your entrepreneurial dreams come true by utilizing your 401k or Traditional retirement account to acquire businesses or fund startup ventures.
  • Secure Your Future - Why wait until retirement to pursue your passions and dreams? Our service allows you to use your retirement account to invest in your business, giving you financial stability and growth potential for the future.
  • Empower Your Entrepreneurial Spirit - As an entrepreneur, your retirement account can become a powerful tool for business acquisition or startup funding. Use it to fuel your passion and drive towards success.


Establish a C-Corp

C-Corporation can issue stock to sell equity in the new venture

C-Corp sponsers 401(k)

The company needs to offer a 401(k) with design options

Roll pre-tax $ into 401(k)

Transfer of funds that does not cause a taxable distribution

401(k) buys C-Corp stock

Cash is injected into the entity to now buy/fund a business

Frequently asked questions about 401k Roll Over for Business Startup

What types of retirement accounts qualify to fund ROBS?

IRA and 401(k) funds are the most commonly used pre-tax retirement accounts. Also, eligible are 403(b), 457(b), SEPs, Keogh plans, and Thrift Savings Plans. A Roth IRA is not pre-tax money and is not eligible.

My retirement fund is not that big - can I combine other sources of funding with a ROBS?

A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan can be used with a ROBS funding strategy and is common.

Can I use a ROBS strategy to enter into the business with a partner?

Yes, it's possible to use ROBS to start a business with a business partner, spouse, etc whe can be involved in the business. The structure allows you to issue ownership stakes as required.

Can I use ROBS to invest in real estate?

Possibly, if the business is an "active operating company" regularly engaged in transactions. A simple real estate investment, such as an acquisition of a single rental property, would not qualify.

How active do I need to be in the business after it is funded?

You need to maintain an active presence in the company (i.e. management activity and decisions) and take a regular salary.

How do I build back my retirement savings after using most/all for ROBS?

First, the business may generate a lot more income/growth than your previous retirement account. Second, you can contribute up to 100% of your salary to the new 401(k) set up as part of the ROBS activation.

ROBS are complex and need to be done correctly the entire way - you need to work with an experienced ROBS expert

How to get started

Next steps

  • Fill out the contact form above or below to get scheduled with a certified ROBS Third Party Administrator
  • Spend 15-30 minutes with the expert on a high-level overview of the solution and to fully understand the tax, legal, and business ramifications of ROBS
  • If a potential fit, start the process and get funded as soon as 30-60 days



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Your privacy is respected - no nonsense.