Equipment Financing for Startup Businesses - Is it Possible?

Yes, Equipment Funding for New Businesses is Available (and Quickly)

Financing equipment for a startup business is difficult and can lead to a string of rejections for aspiring entrepreneurs who could use a helping hand. Today, we'd like to show you a way to get the equipment funding you need.

Finance the Mission-Critical Equipment for your Startup

No need to wait to save up for expensive equipment that your business needs now, get the capital you need right away to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey without unnecessary or harmful delay. Some equipment lenders are willing to fund equipment loans for new businesses, so there's no harm in submitting an application for equipment financing.

No Minimum Time in Business Requirement for Equipment Loans for Startups

Don't let being a new business hold you back from getting your startup off to the strong start it needs. With our financing options, you can get the equipment you need to grow your business from early days, not after two years like most business equipment loan requirements.

You can count on reasonable terms and a customized equipment financing structure that works for your business. Whether you choose to take an equipment loan or lease the particular equipment, the equipment financing solution will fit your new business needs.

What else to know about equipment financing for startups:

  • No minimum time in business requirement, although 3 months may promote better terms in some cases
  • 700+ credit score required + strong compensating financials and industry experience
  • Up to 10-year financing terms available (tied to useful life of asset)
  • Up to a 20% down payment required in most cases for startups
  • Equipment should be mission-critical (essential to the business operations)
  • Custom payment structures available to meet cash-flow needs of the business (delayed, seasonal, step payments, etc)
  • Leasing options available
  • New and/or used equipment financing (as long as mission-critical to the business)
  • Dealer and Private Party sales are covered in the equipment finance program
  • Fast approval and funding for busy business owners: as little as 2 hours to 2 days

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